UV Disinfection 360º Radar

UV Disinfection 360º Radar


Fanstastic UV disinfection 360º tour with radar is perfectly suited to operate in your board rooms, reception spaces, welcome areas, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, staff  breakrooms, physicians coffee areas, offices, cafes, winery, homes, stores and more.

  • Features:

    360º disinfection quartz lamp to remove bacterias and clean the air. 99% sterilization rate. Auto turn-off when detecting human body into a 15feet radius.


    Technical Description
    UV Lamp power: 55w
    UV Lamp wave: UVC 253.7mm
    Time settings: 15min/30min/60min
    Size: 200x140x533mm
    Remote control: yes
    Power supply : 110V -240V/50Hz-60Hz Bulb liftime : 8.000H (Replacing Bulb available)
    Technology: UV + Ozone
    Range: 500 -700 square foot

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